Friday, June 7, 2013

FIAR - The Story About Ping

The first book I completed planning for is The Story About Ping. It's a cute story, set on the Yangtze River in China, about a duck who hides in order to avoid his punishment. He is captured, but finds his way back to his family, relieved and having learned a lesson. It's a cute story with lots of character teaching opportunities.

Using my new planner has been a real blessing because it is set up in a way that shows me instantly if I have enough planned for any given subject.  Sadly, some of the items we're using in this unit are no longer available, but you should be able to find something comparable, make your own, or just leave those things out. Here goes:

Themes: China, ducks, sink or float, consequences of actions (Jonah from the Bible)

Go Alongs: Picture a Country: China, True Book: China, Have You Seen My Duckling?, Day of the Dragon King, Ducks Don't Get Wet, Ducks! by Gail Gibbons

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