Friday, April 19, 2013

Literature Unit - The Little Rabbit

The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn is a cute book about a little girl and her pet rabbit, Buttercup. It's a nice non-fiction book with good pictures and facts about rabbits.

Since we just finished The Runaway Bunny, this was a nice follow-up. Runaway Bunny was a fictional account and The Little Rabbit is non-fiction, so we were able to contrast the two and discuss how to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. This wasn't difficult to do since Miss Princess calls pretend play "in fake life." I just told her that fiction starts with "F" and so does "fake" so it's easy to remember. She caught on right away.

Once again, we used free lapbook/notebook elements from Homeschool Creations

Both of these sites are my go-to sites for excellent free printables.We don't use all the activities, but we pick and choose according to the skills we want to work on at the time.

We also used a cute little book called Bunnies and Rabbits: An Animal Information Book by Elizabeth Elias Kaufman. I think it is out of print, but it has a lot of great information about rabbits at just the right learning level for Miss Princess.

I also found some fun activities and additional books that would be appropriate additions to this study:

For a movement activity you could hop like bunnies, narrate with a bunny puppet show.

Some crafts that look fun are:

Bunny Plant Stake and many other cute ideas 
Several different crafts here

More to come...

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