Monday, January 28, 2013

Electricity Unit

I'm working on an electricity unit for my K and 6th graders. They work well together, so the activities will be fun for them both to do even though the K'er obviously won't be able to do most of the written work and such.

Since I'm trying to design a unit they can do together, of course I need a variety of different resources. So here's what I'm leaning towards:


Hands On Stuff:


Other Stuff:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers
Electricity Around Us - a sheet where kids look for things that use electricity
City Science: Getting Electricity - a cool lesson plan with definitions and a guide to use with Bill Nye video
Static electricity lab - includes instructions for 5 stations to set up to explore static electricity

TPT has many, many more great items for download, I just explored a few of the freebies. The teachers who submit their work to TPT really do some high quality stuff and are nice enough to share it with others. Of course, they have a gazillion paid items that are just incredible. Go check it out.

  • Homeschool Share
Snap Circuits / Electricity Lap'N Note - a really cool lapbook to use with the Snap Circuits kit I included in the Hands On Stuff carousel above.
  • Videos - I haven't watched any of these yet, so preview before you show the kids.
Myth Busters Season 4, Episode 9: Franklin's Kite (this is available for free on Amazon Prime, if you are a Prime member)

America Revealed Season 1, Ep. 3 "Electric Nation" (also on Prime) - This one looks cool. It discusses the U.S. electrical grid and its impact on the world.

Bill Nye: Static Electricity

Bill Nye: Electrical Current

Dirty Jobs Season 1, Ep. 25 "Garbage Pit Technician" - another Prime video, Mike Rowe meets some folks who are turning trash into electricity

Modern Times Wonders HOOVER DAM & LAKE MEAD Nevada (Prime)


These are what I've found so far, but I'm sure there will be a part 2 as I keep researching for resources. It's going to be a fun unit to do together.




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