Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big Cat, Little Kitty


In our study of the days of the week, I found this little book at the library. Big Cat, Little Kitty  by Scotti Cohn, illustrated by Susan Detwiler, received the Mom's Choice Award. On each day of the week we meet a different big cat and domestic kitty, each interacting with their own environments. We are also introduced to other animals that share their habitats.

I thought it would be a cute way to review the days of the week. However, this little book is sooo much more.

On Monday, we meet a tiger in the jungle talking with a gibbon. That same day we meet a striped house cat on a porch with a spider. This goes on with different big and little cats for each day. The domestic are chosen by how similar they look to the big cat for the day.

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous. The big cat habitats introduced are jungle, savanna, desert, snowy tundra, American forest, and rain forest. The little kitties are on a porch, in a park, in a house, by a pond, at a playground, by a frozen creek and in a backyard.

At the back of the book, there are some great pages chock full of information about the different cats and a website to visit for teaching activities, quizzes and more. Using these back pages, we learned that cats are mammals in the Carnivora family, divided into cats that roar and cats that don't roar. There's a world map showing where each cat lives. A section to learn more about each cat and match their fur patterns to them. There's a page about cat senses and adaptations, and then a great true or false quiz to reinforce cat facts.

Although I chose this book to reinforce the days of the week, I plan to use it as a springboard into a fun cats unit.  I will be posting the cats unit plans as soon as I finish them.

I'd love some input on this unit. What kind of fun things have you used to learn about cats in your family?

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