Friday, December 30, 2011

Menu Planning: Breakfast and Lunch Lists for our Homeschool Days

We do easy ‘round here. My kids usually take care of their own breakfast and lunch, within a list of choices. Here are the items we usually have to choose from. I try to keep most of these on hand, so that whoever fixes lunch that day can just fix it fast. Of course, I'm there to supervise and help, if needed, but I feel food preparation is a valuable skill that we should incorporate in our homeschool day. We’ll usually add some fresh or canned fruit and a vegetable to the following to try to balance it out. And there’s milk to drink.

Breakfast List                     Lunch List
Cold Cereal w/ Milk             Chicken nuggets   Mac & Cheese
French toast sticks                   Spaghettio’s     TV Dinners
Pancakes                                 Burritos              Soup
Eggs & Bacon                           Nacho               Leftovers
Farmer’s Breakfast                 PB&J                  Steak Fingers
Breakfast Pizza                     Grilled Cheese    Pizza Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls                      Pigs in a Blanket    Pizza
Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuits   Tuna Helper        

How do you keep breakfast and lunch easy at your house?

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