Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home School Block Schedule 2012

We have a new, more detailed, plan for the start of our new year. Some problems I'm hoping to overcome with our new system:
  • incomplete and sloppy work
  • lack of motivation to do complete, neat work
  • not enough time being spent by Mom on PreK fun stuff with 4yo
  • too much time spent by Mom telling olders to get on task
  • not enough work getting accomplished in a timely manner
  • Mom's high anxiety level
  • lack of organization / time flow
My vision is that we'll be able to do the work planned, do it well, do it completely by 3:00 each day. By incorporating a Meeting with Mom at the END of the day, I'm hoping to be able to consolidate grading, planning, discussion and accountability all at once, freeing up the evenings for me to do all the other things I need to do and directly correlating the effort of the olders with the free time (or lack thereof) that they receive on a daily basis.

Here's our detailed plan:

Home School Block Schedule 2012

What plans have you incorporated into your homeschooling that solved problems for you?

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