Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Respiratory System Co-Op plans

Here's what I plan to do in our co-op class for the next 2 weeks. We are on Lesson 6 in Exploring Creation Human Anatomy, the Respiratory System.

November 29 –

Bill Nye Respiration Video
EXPERIMENT: Diaphragm Model  p. 116 in textbook
     Supplies to bring to class:
·         Empty large mouth bottle (like small Gatorade bottle) with bottom cut off
·         2 balloons

Human Body Study Guide: Respiratory System (from www.ellenjmchenry.com)
     Please have the kiddos be familiar with the info on p. 19-20 of the study guide
·         Bring p.19-20 to class for us to go through together (Quiz will be next week). I won’t be handing them out this time ( I’m nearly out of ink and paper and not sure I’ll have time to get more before class time)

December 6-

QUIZ: Respiratory System (from p. 19 of study guide)

EXPERIMENT: Vital Lung Capacity p. 117 in textbook
     Supplies to bring to class:
·         Empty 2 liter bottle
·         Large bowl
·         Flexible tubing or fat drinking straw (like the big ones at QT)
·         Large measuring cup
(If students would like to pair up and do this experiment together, that’s OK, but each should have their own straw :o)

SHARE presentations on the dangers of smoking (see syllabus). Students will have 2-3 minutes each for these, hopefully more (depending on how much they cooperate and stay on task during the quiz and experiment).

 Up next..... Fun with the Blood!

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