Thursday, November 10, 2011

Math - Life of Fred Elementary Series

I'm so excited! We've been using Life of Fred books with B, who is now 13, and have really enjoyed them. My 11 yo, M, wasn't quite ready for the Fractions book and has some holes in his math education, thanks to his Mama taking some bad homeschooling advice AND deciding to go to nursing school during his elementary years... that's a whole other story... anyhoo, we've had trouble with traditional math curricula because he doesn't understand everything needed to move ahead in math, but doesn't need to spend the time necessary to plug away through entire YEARS of math to make sure the holes are filled (and I don't know how to pick and choose what he needs). Enter Life of Fred...

The elementary series starts with Apples, then Butterflies, then Cats (see the pattern??)... and goes through 10 books (I think), which aren't all available yet, but will be before the end of the school year. These are meant to be read by or to the student directly and the books do all the teaching. The stories are funny and introduce topics quickly and in an engaging and non-traditional (um... non-boring) way. Each book should last about a month and is a reusable hardback, so when S (who is now 4) is ready in a year or two, she'll be able to use them, too.

I just placed my order for Apples and Butterflies, which should get us through the first of the year... Hopefully this will build M's confidence with math and relieve some of my went-to-nursing-school-in-the-middle-of-homeschooling guilt. I'll keep ya posted.

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