Saturday, December 31, 2011

ABC's - Fun with the Alphabet

Found this great post at OurFamilyforHisGlory showing great letter art to do with each letter of the alphabet.

Character Building at Calendar Time

I'm working to incorporate more deliberate character and Bible training in our daily schedule. I mentioned that we're starting to use the cards and poster from We Choose Virtues, but I found some other groovy items that I'd like to find a way to incorporate as well.

Check out these Godly Character Traits cards/posters from Sarah at Sarah's Sweeties and this page at 1+1+1=1 that shows how Carisa used them in her calendar time. She gives a tutorial on how to shrink them down and make them print 16 to a page here.

Over at Hubbard's Cupboard you can find a great bunch of character lessons correlated to Bible stories and memory verses, along with lesson plans and so much more!

I'd like to thank all these ladies for all their hard work. Go visit their sites and check out all their great resources!

What have you done to make your calendar time more fruitful?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Human Body: Blood

Our co-op middle school anatomy class will be doing a 2 week study of the blood, followed by 2 weeks on the circulatory system.

  • Watch a Bill Nye video about blood and circulation from the library.
  • Create a model of the blood using corn syrup, red hot candies, white jelly beans, and rice, to show that blood is not solid red, but actually clear plasma that appears red because of the presence of red blood cells
  • Printout that shows what the cells look like under a microscope to add to notebook
  • Coloring book from the Red Cross here.  This is a really great little book that gives some interesting historical facts regarding blood and the Red Cross. It's reproductions of Red Cross posters for you to color, along with historical tidbits. Very cute.
    • Games to play online here

        We'll do some fun experiments about blood types:

        • We'll find out our own blood types using blood typing kits from Home Science Tools

        •  We'll go over the circulatory system in our study guide from

        Some helpful resources for this unit:

        Here's a video from Newton's Apple about blood typing

        Come back next week for the remainder of our fun circulatory system unit!